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NTNU Hosts Global Symposium on Systematic Pesticide

The 2018 International Symposium of TFSP on Impact of and Alternatives to Systematic Pesticides, held by by National Taiwan Normal University on June 29th at main campus of NTNU, is for calling attention to the impact of systemic pesticides on Taiwan's biodiversity and ecological environment with objective scientific viewpoints and alternative solutions. Vice President Chen Chien Jen, specialized in environmental public health, and National Policy Advisor Chang Fu Mei, who has contribution of black bears conservation, were invited as guests at the opening ceremony. Experts and scholars of environmental toxicants and public health from around the world came to share the impact of systematic pesticides on biodiversity and the ecological environment. In this seminar, we have experts from Switzerland, Italy, France, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and mainland China. It is hoped that through this conference, Taiwan’s contribution to international academic research will increase and Taiwan’s academic research on the impact of systemic pesticides on biodiversity and the ecological environment can be implemented.
At the opening ceremony, Vice President Chen declares our goal of halving the use of pesticides by 2027 to systematic pesticide project groups around the world. President of NTNU, Wu Cheng Chih, who makes suggestions and appeals, thinks that higher education has the responsibility to nurturing “global citizens”, to reshape the development of the human society and save human civilization from survival to existence. National Policy Advisor Chang Fu Mei, who has always been concerned about Taiwan’s ecological conservation, asks everyone to love the environment in Taiwan, the wildlife and people that live on this land.
In order to show Taiwan’s concern about the impact of systemic pesticide on Taiwan’s biodiversity and ecological environment, the organizer invited Vice President Chen and the Task Force on Systemic Pesticides Chairman Dr. Maarten Bijleveld van Lexmond, National Policy Advisor Fu-Mei Chang and President Cheng Chih Wu to jointly publish the 2018TSS- IASP environmental protection declaration. The text of the declaration is as follows:
Concerning the intention of closer cooperation in the field of the impact of and alternatives to systemic pesticides for pesticide reduction and improving food safety. With the goal of establishing a new and equitable global partnership through the creation of new levels of cooperation among societies and people. With the focus on impacts of pesticides on ecosystems, food safety, the environment and human health under ecological principles and social-economical system analyses as their common multidisciplinary field of interest.