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Father of Modern PrintMaking Liao Shiou Ping Receives Honorary PhD

At the graduation ceremony of the National Taiwan Normal University on June 23rd, President Wu Cheng Chih presented an art doctorate in honorary art to Chair Professor Liao Shiou Ping in recognition of his lifelong efforts in the creation, education, promotion of printmaking. As a promoter of modern printmaking in Taiwan, Dr. Liao introduced lots of foreign printmaking techniques and advocated the concepts and techniques of modern printmaking. Thus, Taiwan's printmaking art is full of creativity and modern multidisciplinary. He also cultivates countless printmaking artists. Dr. Liao is widely considered as Taiwan’s “Father of Modern Printmaking”.
Dean Lin Chun Liang of the Colleague of Arts address the commendation speech and pointed out that Professor Liao Shiou Ping, who graduated from the Department of Fine Arts in 1959, went to Japan and France for further studies in the 1960s and has resided in New York for many years. He taught at the University of Tsukuba in Japan, the Seton Hall University of the United States, the Taipei National University of the Arts, NTNU and many other universities. In 1982, he proposed the idea of organizing an international print biennial to the Council for Cultural Affairs and actively promoted the International Biennial Print Exhibition. Since 1983, the International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2018 ROC has held 18 times successfully bring Taiwan to the International stage.
During his career, Liao Shiou Ping has held numerous exhibitions in New York, Paris, Tokyo and many other cities around the world. His artworks are collected by international museums including, but not exceeding, the British Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the National Museum of Modern Art (Tokyo), Taipei Fine Arts Museum and the Shanghai Museum.
Dr. Liao said that his students founded the Evergreen Graphic Art Association and promote printmaking for about 40 years. The association often hold exhibitions and event. Many young artists join and continues the effort. He received the honor on behalf of the printmaking industry and hopes that the art of printmaking can be pass on to generations and thrive. He also wishes that new graduates can stick to their passion and believes when entering a new phase of life.