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NTNU, NCCU and NTUST work with Nanyang Technological University for Creativity Program

National Chengchi University, National Taiwan Normal University and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology work with Nanyang Technological University for creativity program "Three For One Course". The opening ceremony of "Three For One Course", which is the first cooperation between the three universities, was hosted by Vice President's representatively. This is the first creativity program by universities in Taiwan and it last five years.
Five years ago, Prof. Hsu Ho Chieh initiated the experimental creativity method of developing talents that's cross-university, cross-discipline and interdisciplinary. The core idea is to enlighten students to actively learn, self-discipline and self-education through living and working together. 12 students from NTU, Singapore come to Taiwan and was divided into five groups. The topic this year is “home and lifestyle” and students are expected to come up with some creative proposals. They first discussed online for work distribution and then live, eat and work together for two weeks during summer vacation. 
Five years ago, the program is formed with the spirit of creativity, cross-discipline and starting a business. According to the organizer Prof. Hsu, Taiwanese students are passive in terms of learning because of the status quo of the education system. In this program, a monthly meeting was held in order to adjust and reshape the direction. The team comes from the program applies for about three to four patents every year. 
Teachers from three universities must spare extra time and energy in this program. Students also put a lot of effort into the projects. Though the three universities are located near each other, it's not an easy task to have students be together for group discussion.