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3D Reconstruction System, a Leading Technique, by NTNU team

Iterative reconstruction is to iterative algorithms used to reconstruct 2D and 3D images in certain imaging techniques. Under the financial assistance of the Ministry of Science and Technology, The team of Professor Yeh Chia Hung from the Department of Electrical Engineering has developed a cost-effective “fast 3D reconstruction system” that can not only reconstruct still scene in a high quality but also reconstruct objects that change with time.
The iterative reconstruction of a still scene is "rigid reconstruction" and non-rigid reconstruction is for dynamic objects. In recent years, the market for 3D printing is prosperous, robotic vision technique, virtual reality, 3D printing, e-commerce and other industrial applications have been booming. Therefore, the development of reconstruction and the expansion of related applications have become an important trend that leads us to the future. 
Professor Yeh Chia Hung's team has been awarded the international production and cooperation plan of Qualcomm Inc. for four consecutive years since 2014 and was invited to participate in the Qualcomm 8th University Research Cooperation Conference. They have attracted the attention of many international top mobile phone manufacturers in the conference. The "Fast 3D Reconstruction System", published on August 2nd,  will not only quickly reconstruct the image of static objects in high-quality but also reconstruct dynamic objects whose shape changes with time. It is the most comprehensive reconstruction system so far. Professor Yeh’s academic research and industrial development achievements have been in line with international standards. 
Currently, the government is actively promoting industrial innovation research and development projects. Three-dimensional reconstruction technology is one of the core technologies of smart machinery. The output value of related industries not only has a relatively high proportion of the total industrial output value of the country but will continue to grow substantially in the future. The reconstruction technology of Professor Yeh's team is cost-effective and has great market potential.