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Alumna Shu-mei Shih Receives Outstanding Alumni Award Becomes Chair Professor

Prof. Shu-Mei Shih, graduated from the Department of English in 1982, now a Professor in Department of Comparative Literature of UCLA, is elected as the 18th outstanding alumni and also chair professor at the Department of Taiwan Culture, Language and Literature. She went back to NTNU on August 14th to receive the award from President Wu Cheng Chih. Vice President Ying Yung Hsiang, professors from College of Liberal Arts, English Department and the Department of Taiwan Culture, Language and Literature all came for this awarding ceremony.
Prof. Shu-Mei Shih is an alumna of NTNU. After her study at the English Department, she completed her master at the University of California, San Diego and doctoral degree at UCLA. Now she teaches at the Department of Comparative Literature, Asian Languages and Cultures, and Asian American Studies. Prof. Shih is one of the leading academic authorities on Sinophone Studies. 
Shih is one of the pioneers of Sinophone studies Sinophone. She is the author of Visuality and Identity: Sinophone Articulations across the Pacific and Against Diaspora: Discourses on Sinophone Studies. According to Shih, Sinology in the western world is mostly about China, which makes Taiwan, Hong Kong, 
Shih said that "I keep a critical eye towards many unfair things in the society." It is related to her personal experience. She was born in Korea, so she is Korean Chinese. When she was in Korea, she was seen as a foreigner. When she was in the states, she fell into the category of Asian and women. "In my life, I've been standing in minority groups so I focus on the injustice events in the world" Now she is an accomplished scholar who is no longer a minority, she is still aware of the privilege she has. When teaching, she focuses on the importance of social consciousness and hopes students can stand in others' shoes. 
She is currently working on two monographs, one is about Chinese languages and the other is comparative literature. In her life-long journey, she has been connected to NTNU in many ways. Shih is now a chair professor at the Dept. of Taiwan Culture, Language and Literature. She was invited as The 10th International Academic Seminar of Taiwan Culture as keynote speaker. She is now organizing a project of NTNU and UCLA. Shih had taught in Tunghai University for a year after her master her. Her then student Susan Jung is now one of the professors in our English Department. She encourages students not to look down on yourself but to seize any opportunity to pursue your dreams.