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Chinese Taipei men's volleyball team Won First Bronze in 20 years

The Chinese Taipei men's volleyball team is mostly made up of students and alumni of the Department of Athletic Performance. In a total of 14 players, 9 have studied at NTNU. On September 1, the team played a great game against Qatar and get the bronze medal by 3 to 1. This is our first medal in 20 years since the 1998 Asian Games in Bangkok. The players were so excited after the game. 
In the first match, Qatar came fiercely and ended in 25 to 22. In the second match, Chinese Taipei had a good showing, ended in 25 to 23. In the third match, Qatar became aggressive and led all the way, ended in 25 to 17. In the final match, it was a hard match. The Taiwanese players did well in scoring and won by 25 to 16. 
Chen Yu An, the team's coach and a former player, said that the game of Chinese Taipei Men's Volleyball team was heavily covered by the press and receive high ratings. He called for the enterprises to support volleyball and let the development of volleyball last. Chen said that the team is close to getting a gold medal. The bronze medal of this year could be a strong evidence.