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NTNU Got 4 Gold 4 Bronze at 2018 FISU World University Weightlifting Championship

Students from the Department of Athletic Performance went to Poland for the 2018 FISU World University Weightlifting Championship. Chen Wen Huei, Chen En Tzu and Hsieh Yun Ting have got 3 gold and 2 bronze in snatch and clean and jerk; and got 1 gold and 2 bronze for the total score. Chen En Tzu, a freshman, tops at snatch and clean and jerk. 
Chen Wen Huei, the bronze medalist at women's 63kg, said that she kept telling herself to finish the whole game. She is happy with this game but believes there's room for improvement. In Poland, the temperature drops drastically at night and she felt a bit under the weather. Chen hopes that she can pay more attention to details while in the game. Her next goal is to break her own record at National Intercollegiate Athletic Games. 
Chen was trained for the sport of athletics. Due to the fact that she didn't like running and the coached suggested her to try weightlifting, she decided to try weightlifting when she was in 8th grade. 
This is Coach Ho Hsiao Chun's first time joining the game as a coach. The former weightlifter, now a coach, says that she did felt nervous before the trip, but there's no time to be nervous at the game. The clock is ticking and you have to come up with a solution the next minute. Ho says that the weightlifters are very similar in their strength of power. It's a challenging and competitive game for everyone. Ho says that proper time arrangement and rest after training, diet-control is the key to success.