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Dept. of EE Got 1 Gold 4 Silver 3 Bronze at 2018 FIRA RoboWorldCup


Prof. Jacky Baltes, Prof. Hsu Chen Chien and Prof. Wang Wei Yen of the Department of Electrical Engineering led the team to 2018 FIRA RoboWorldCup and received 8 medals including 1 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze.  
The world cup was held in Taichung from August 7 to 11. 277 teams, 1208 participants from Taiwan, China, Brazil, Korea and Canada took part in the game, making it the most attended world cup. 
Korean PhD student Jaesik Jeong and Postdoctoral researcher Jeehyun Yang attended adult size and got various medals in all round, obstacle run, sprint, marathon, penalty kick, weight lifting and Mini DRC.  Students Chang Chi Ying, Lu Kuan Tsen attended the kid size and received the third place in weight lifting. 
The Computational Intelligence and Robotics Lab, instructed by Prof. Hsu Chen Chien and Prof. Wang Wei Yen and Intelligent Mobile Robotics Laboratory, instructed by Jacky Baltes both focus on the study of humanoid robots, robot-based smart auto production. By system integration, artificial intelligence learning algorithms and control methods, they explore the realization of robots for specific tasks, in response to industrial and social needs.
Prof. Hsu said that his team started to join robot competitions in 2011 and they have improved the coordination, response, movement and speed of robots so that they could bring back several medals in competitions. Prof. Baltes is the current chairman of the Federation of International Robot-Sport Association, FIRA. At the closing ceremony, he said that the competition is a remarkable one in that the robots are performing better than ever. 
Jacky Baltes, representing FIRA, thanked Prof. Tu Kuo Yang from National Kaohsiung of Science and Technology, the chairman of the competition, for his effort and management. He also thanked the support of Central Taiwan Science Park Bureau. At the closing ceremony, President Tsai Ying Wen sent a congratulatory telegram. Minister of Science and Technology of Taiwan Chen Liang Gee came to the closing ceremony to give remarks. This is the biggest event ever for FIRA RoboWorld Cup in 23 years.