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Alumnus Lee Ming Feng speaks at IAVE World Volunteer Conference

Lee Ming Feng, who has 16 years of volunteering experience and has summoned by the president for seven times, gave a speech at the 25th IAVE World Volunteer Conference as a Taiwanese representative on October 18th to volunteer leaders and representatives. 
Secretary general of the IAVE Taiwan, Huang Shu Feng, said that in her twenty years of experience in attending world volunteer conferences, Lee is one of the few speakers that is still a student. He is also the only youth volunteer speaker from Taiwan. From his case-sharing, people will know about the hospitality and passion of Taiwanese.
IAVE, International Association for Volunteer Effort, was founded in 1970 by a group of volunteers from around the world who saw in volunteering a means of making connections across countries and cultures. It has grown into a global network of volunteers, volunteer organisations, national representatives and volunteer centres, with members in over 70 countries, and in all world regions. The majority of IAVE members are in developing countries. IAVE is registered as a charity in the USA, in California, with By-Laws which set out the governing principles and procedures. IAVE has special consultative status with the UN ECOSOC Committee, and associate status with the UN Department of Public Information. It is a member of the UN Confederation of NGO’s, and has a strong working relationship with UN Volunteers, underpinned by a Memorandum of Understanding.
The 25th IAVE World Volunteer Conference took place in Germany from October 16th to 20th. The topic is our responsibility to the future of the planet, which focuses on the importance of cooperation. The volunteers believe that through collaborate power, we can come up with a solution to the global challenges faced and contribute a positive change to the society. 
Lee's topic is "Your power is greater than you have imagined- how youth can create a charity impact via volunteering". At the age of 15, Lee started an environmental volunteering team and have invited thousands of volunteers to care about the environment. 
On the conference, Lee talked about the volunteering situation in Taiwan. The foundation of volunteering was laid ever since the Volunteer Service Act passed in 2001 and later the volunteer service has become part of the courses in universities, therefore voluntary deeds are very common in Taiwan. Recently, there are many volunteer groups and social enterprises formed by youth. They have paid attention to issues in society and actually engage in it by taking actions.