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MTC student Tops at 2018 Foreign Students Chinese Public Speaking Competition

2018 Foreign Students Chinese Public Speaking Competition was held at National Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall on November 6th. Under the instruction of the teachers of MTC, 6 students out of 76 speakers receives the first prize, the third prize and 4 honorary mentions. 
The champion is from Peru, he shared his experience of dieting to elaborate on the importance of freedom and self-discipline. Another winner, from Russia, also talked with the same topic. She first started with two news of man-made disasters and the possible outcome of men losing control of one’s own desire to prove her point. 
The students receiving four honorary mentions come from Korea, Vietnam, Japan, and Columbia. They talked about how artificial intelligence can lead to alienation between human, stories about being humble is the key to success and how benefactors in life are valuable in that they provide you with a different point of view in life.
Every speaker in this competition has done their best and hope that the judges will be impressed. The results of winning first prize, third prize and four honorary mentions is a solid proof that MTC is truly a remarkable institute of Mandarin teaching.