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The Conference of Higher Education Teaching and Learning Talks about Latest Trend

The Conference of Higher Education Teaching and Learning in the Globalization Wave and Annual Meeting for TOPD was held on November 30th at NTNU. The conference aims to raise future quality and innovation through sharing ways to engage higher education teaching and learning amidst the globalizing waves. We also invited scholars and specialists to exchange and share the experiences about the development of international higher education instruction. This will enhance dialogue and interaction and lead to fostering a higher quality ecosystem in higher education instruction. You are sincerely invited to attend and enrich both the breadth and depth of the conference, as we strive towards a new era for higher education teaching and learning. Provost Johannes Britz from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Senior Advisor International Anna Kindler from UBC shared the latest trend of higher international education. 
TOPD stands for Taiwan Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education, an institution founded in 2015 to provide an integrated platform enabling teaching centers in Taiwan to foster an environment that networks together the common goal of solidifying higher education whilst encouraging relevant research in the academic field by hosting and participating in domestic and international workshops, conferences, socials, and community events. Through the facilitation of the sharing of experiences by domestic and international scholars and offering mutual benefits, our goal is to improve the quality of teaching in higher education and international visibility. Vice President Chen Chao Chen of NTNU is now the chairperson. 
Executive Vice President Sung Yao Ting welcomed the guests and hope that the conference can be helpful in improving the quality of teaching and learning. 
Keynote speaker Professor Johannes Britz shared with us "A Global Perspective on the Future of Higher Education: Do We Adjust to Survive or Do We Embrace to Thrive". Professor Anna M. Kindler focuses on "Self-Assessment, Peer Assessment and Student Assessment of Teaching: Triangulating the Data for Educational Excellence".
Prof. Hsiu-Ping Yueh from National Taiwan Univeristy, Prof. Tian-Hua Liu from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and Prof. Wei Wang from Feng Chia University shared their experience and exchanged ideas in the forum in the afternoon.