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Graduate Student of Pop Music Steven Chang Enlisted in PEARL’s Who’s Who

Steven Chang is a famous drummer in Taiwan. Now a director of 32nd music, an institute of jazz drum. He has played for numerous superstars like Fei Yu-ching, Tsai Chin and Fong Fei-fei. He started to come to his year, he started his in-service master program for Pop Music. He is enlisted in the Pearl Anniversary Edition of Who's Who in the World as a drummer. 
40 years have pass since Chang first started to drum in junior high school.  He played bands when at school. When he started working, he was the apprentice at Kupa Orchestra Boys and played at night clubs. After several years of hard work, he got the ticket to be one of the band members of China Television Band. It was like the mecca for Taiwanese drummers. However, the band was dismissed and Chang has to find another job. He thought of giving up drumming, but he realized that this is what he truly loves. Hence, he started to work at studios and concerts. 
According to Chang, travel is one of his inspiration. As a drummer in a concert, he spent almost 50% of his time traveling abroad. Working abroad is like traveling to him. One time, he was on a tour in America and went to the PUB. He told the host that he is a drummer and asked whether he could play on stage. They didn’t pay much attention to him at the beginning, but he still got onstage to play. It was an wonderful show and the audience liked him a lot. The host asked him to come again but Chang just said that he will leave the next day. When he travels, he would find the opportunity to hang out and exchange ideas with the locals.
This July, he entered NTNU to learn more about the history of Pop music, marketing and music theory. "I feel honored to come and learn at NTNU." Chang thinks that you should always learn something new and learning makes you think differently. 
It's an distinguished honor for him to be one of the list of Who's who of PEARL. He has learned from the videos of the drummers on the list and now he becomes one of them. He encourage young drummers should practice more, listen to more music and not to give up. It would be rewarding in the long run.