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Master of Cooperate Identity Nakanishi Motoo Talks About Design Management

The Department of Design, the Design Alliance Asia, the National Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprise, jointly hosted the "Master of CI in Japan- Nakanishi Motoo" on December 6th. Nakanishi Motoo, the guru of corporate identity and brand planning was invited to Taiwan to share his rich experience in corporate identity (CI). 
Motoo Nakanishi has a profound experience of more than 60 years in CI in Japan. Famous Japanese companies and classic brands such as MAZDA, ASICS, KENWOOD, NTT, DoCoMo, Kirin Beer, Bridgestone, INAX, Matsuya Ginza, NISSAN, ITOCHU Corporation. Japanese news, Japanese steel, and Japanese life insurance are all examples of his work.
In the "DECOMAS" (Design Coordination as a Management Strategy), which was published 1971, Motoo Nakanishi mentioned that the business operators are the ones that are able to keep a good design and enhances the value of design. Design is highly related in all kinds of fields. In addition to the skills and techniques of the design, a designer should also understand the knowledge of business management and marketing.
Motoo Nakanishi said that in today's society with loads of information, companies need to focus on the strategy of CI and BI (Brand Identity) in order to fully deliver the information and strength of the company. And what’s more important than the "communication method" of the message is to create "a value that is worthy to be delivered" He also analyzed that when speaking of the model of marketing, the society has shifted from human resources, assets and other material resources to brand strategy, and the required performance, communication, etc. Then, we need think about to creativity, insight, development, and the material resources needed.