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Prof. Dennis Lin Talks about Big DATA at NTNU

To promote the knowledge of big data and its applications, the EMBA of NTNU held the 'Big Data Talks', on December 19th, the first talk was given by Dr. Dennis K.J. Lin, the Professor at Pennsylvania State University and a distinguished professor at the School of Management to explore the mysteries of ghost data.
The devil is hidden in the details. Big data is not a panacea, but in today's world, it’s vital to manage the figures and use it. At the beginning of the lecture, Professor Lin showed a picture with seemingly unrelated objects. From these objects, he tried to find out the relevance and logic, which shocked the audience. A story was hidden behind the data.
Professor Lin talked about ancient poems of Ouyang Xiu of Song Dynasty and the dating message hidden in the text. He also played a few movies and dissolve the mystery neglected by many people. It’s important to see what others can’t see and go through a steep learning curve. His talk was humorous and informational and the audience enjoyed the lecture a lot. One of the big data series lectures ended successfully. EMBA of NTNU will invite more professionals to talk about big data.