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Torch of 2017 Summer Universiade in NTNU

On January 17th, the torch of Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade, a symbol of peace, light and bond, was given to President Wu Cheng Chih by Deputy Mayor Deng Chia Chi. NTNU athletes have been bringing home medals and honors in various competition. On the ceremony, representatives of 1987 and 2017 gathered together. This is an especially meaningful event. 
According to President Wu Cheng Chih, there are two meanings for Taipei city government. One is to memorize the team of NTNU at 1987 Summer Universiade in Zagreb and another is to recognize the achievement of NTNU in physical education. He also assured that NTNU will continue to pass on the glory. 
NTNU plays an important role in sports in Taiwan. We have achieved brilliant results and won the most medals in six consecutive years in National Intercollegiate Athletic Games. In the academic of 2017, NTNU won 46 gold, 40 silver and 45 bronze. The men's basketball team also won preliminaries and is fighting for the championship. 
Deputy Mayer Deng said that the 2017 Universiade is a great opportunity for the world to know Taiwan, which also encouraged more people to exercise. He said that it's very important for the athletes to outperform themselves. He expects that NTNU can continuously train Taiwan's athletes and also lead the fitness trend. 
The 1987 Summer Universiade, also known as the XIV Summer Universiade, took place in Zagreb, SR Croatia, SFR Yugoslavia. It involved participants from 111 countries and over 6,000 individual sportspersons and members of teams. It was the first time of our country joining the competition. It was our first step on the stage of athletics internationally. Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade marks the 30th anniversary of joining FISU. 
The event of torch giving is initiated by Director Lin Mei Chun. President Wu called a meeting of campus planning and decided that the position of the torch. It's now located close to our campus not far from the Art Museum of NTNU. When seeing the torch, residents nearby would think of the summer of 2017.