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The Institute for Research Excellence of NTNU to shine Internationally

Since 2013, under the support of the National Science Council, we started a Institute for Research Excellence In Learning Sciences with Pennsylvania State University. In 2018, we have received the fund from the Global Taiwan of the Higher Education Sprout Project from the Ministry of Education.
The goal of the Institute for Research Excellence in Learning Science of NTNU is to become the world’s top institute in education research, offer a world-renowned paradigm for teacher education and develop a global reputation for education industry. In 2018, members of the institute has done a tremendous job and gained valuable experiences. The Institute for Research Excellence in Learning Science has achieved several major breakthrough, for example, they have discovered that one-time aerobic exercise could improve the brainwave of ADHD kids. The Institute for Research Excellence in Learning Science has set the Institute for Research Excellence Institute for Knowledge Innovation and Technology, IKIT as benchmark school. The University of Toronto is a globally top-ranked public research university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. IKIT is a global network of organizations committed to the advancement of knowledge building technology and practices in all sectors of society.
In order to increase publicity, we have actively expanded international cooperation and work with international researchers. We have published papers together, propose research projects, developed cooperative teaching application and evaluation product, signed MOU and more. The Institute also works on bridging the gap of study achievement. We have planned study schedule for low-achiever students with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics). To promote literacy education, we have published a special issue for literacy education.
The Institute for Research Excellence in Learning Science aims to promote our quality education overseas by researching the development and sales pattern for oversea markets. This year, we founded a platform that brought together VR, AR and MR. These innovative technology teaching tools can be introduced to schools overseas.