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Students of the Department of Special Education visited UT-Austin

The Department of Social Education of NTNU and Texas University at Austin have been closely connecting in recent years. Prof. Chiu Chun Yu lead a team of students for an oversea visit to Department of Special Education, UT-Austin, Texas Center for Disability Studies and Texas transitions conference. 
During the two-week visit, NTNU students attended courses together with local students. They also made presentations about the current development of special education in Taiwan and discussed the differences of the development of special education in Taiwan and in the states, which is held yearly in Texas. They learned about teaching method and some difficulties they may face in class; they attended the 10 hour workshop about special education in the states. 
Students of special education not only cares about the rights of special students during their study, they also pay attention to their transition after graduation.  The Texas Transition Conference is a two-day event, with a pre-conference session, focused on providing evidence-based practices that result in a smooth transition from school to adult life for youth with disabilities.                             
The Texas Center for Disability Studies works to create a better world through research, education, practice, and policy. In Texas Center for Disability Studies, the students learned about the welfare and arrangement for disabled person and some ongoing research project. They also had a lunch meeting with Chair Mark O'Reilly, Prof. Sharon Vaughn, Prof. Sarah Powell and Prof. Katie Tackett. 
This oversea visit was supported by the the Ministry of Education and assisted by the Office of Teacher Training and Career Service. Students all learned a lot from this visit. It's hoped that they can apply their knowledge to future careers.