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President Wu and Team Visited Vancouver, Welcomed by Alumni

In March, President Wu Cheng Chih, Executive Vice President Sung Yao Ting, Executive Vice President Chung-Mou Lee, Vice President of Office of Student Affairs Chang Shao Hsi and other administrators visited University of British Columbia. President Wu pointed out that we have 284 indigenous students in NTNU with a research center. Indigenous studies is also one of the key research topic of UBC. He is looking forward to future cooperation between UBC and NTNU in indigenous research. 
The visiting group went to the art exhibition in Burnaby CCM Centre held by alumni living in west Canada. After the exhibition, a welcome dinner was held. Representatives from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Offices also attended the dinner. The chairmen of the NTNU Alumni Association in British Columbia first welcomed the visiting group and talked about the situation of NTNU alumni in Vancouver. 
In President Wu's remarks, he said that the history of NTNU can be traced back to Taipei High school in 1922, making 2019 the 97th anniversary of NTNU. Ever Since the implementation of the "Teacher Education Act" in 1994, we have been working on transformation into a comprehensive university. In addition to the departments that are for teacher education, new departments have been established to meet the changes in society and the development of higher education. Now, we have 9 colleges including education, science, literature, art, sports and leisure, technology and engineering, international and social sciences, management and music. We are a comprehensive university with nearly 16,000 students.
In the future, we’ll focus on three main tasks: first, deepen internationalization and cultivate students' international mobility; second, strengthening cooperation with the industry to enhance students’ ability in real world; third, build a strong, sustainable alumni network.