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First Visit of NTNU Pre-service Teachers to Chinese Taipei School (Kuala Lumpur)

Starting from 2019, NTNU has be working with 7 Oversea Taiwan Schools. We send four pre-service teachers abroad for a visit every year to each school. This year, Assistant Professor Kao Sung Ching is the moderator of the oversea visit project to Chinese Taipei School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Four students from different departments went to the Chinese Taipei School in March for a two week visit.
Local teacher told the students that teaching at oversea Chinese Taipei School for three years is like teaching in Taiwan for the years. The pressure of teaching oversea is especially high and it's very likely that the teacher will lose the passion for education. In most Chinese Taipei Schools, there are only one class for children of different age so the teachers need to teach all of them. The time spent for preparation is longer and it's a challenging task for a teacher to prepare for various teaching subjects and material.
The first week, they observed the teaching sessions and to discuss the courses and culture differences in teaching. The pre-service teachers also participated their science contest, English public speaking contest and tutoring.
Lin Chao Chun from the Graduate Institute of Science Education said that local students are not afraid to ask and are enthusiastic to learn. Yen Wen Yu from the Department of Athletic Performance said that although Kuala Lumpur with an apparent temperature as high as Celsius 35, the students love PE class. Not a single student sit aside when she teaches and during breaks, they would seize the time to jump ropes. Yen also noticed that the relationship between teachers and students are close. The teacher said exercising is a great way to release stress.
Tsai Pei Hsin from the Department of Education said that the textbook they use is different from Taiwan and it's her first time to teach in English. With the assistance of consulting teacher and practices, she has gained more confidence in teaching. She learned a lot from this visit and have a clearer understanding of teaching as a profession.
This is the first cooperation between NTNU and Chinese Taipei School (Kuala Lumpur) and we'll continue the energy to promote the visit of pre-service teachers.