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New Experience for Pre-service Teachers in Chinese Taipei School in Ho Chi Minh City

Starting from 2019, NTNU has be working with 7 Oversea Taiwan Schools. We send four pre-service teachers abroad for a visit every year to each school. This year, Prof. Chern Chiou Lan from the English Department is the moderator of the oversea visit project to Chinese Taipei School in Ho Chi Minh City. Four students from different departments went to the Chinese Taipei School in March for a two week visit.
Before their departure, Prof. Chen have discussed with the pre-service teachers about what to teach so that they can prepare in advance. They also had video conferences with the President and Director of Chinese Taipei School. A senior student, Wang Yu Ching, just finished her two-month educational practice in Chinese Taipei School so she shared her first-hand experience to those who were about to go. 
Kuo Ming Chieh said that it was a wonderful visit for him in all aspects. He was assigned to information and technology class. The students know how to write code and think logically. He also demonstrated techniques like refrigeration air conditioning and welding in class and the students liked it a lot. 
Chang Wen Hsiang thinks that the class observing is his favorite part. Two pre-service teachers from the Department of Physics prepared an overall review course because the mid-term was approaching. Chen Po Han, assisted with the training of tennis as well as table tennis and volley ball. Even though Vietnam is very hot most of the time, the students enjoys playing sports outdoor. 
The four pre-service teachers all feel grateful of NTNU for providing such a great overseas practicum opportunity, to go to Vietnam, to know the principals, director, teachers and students studying here, and to experience the local lifestyle, sightseeing, food and culture. They have broadened their horizons and they encourage more pre-service teachers to actively participate in relevant activities in the future.