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NTNU and Penn State University announce collaborations for 2019

National Taiwan Normal University and Pennsylvania State University became sister school in 1998. The Collaboration Development Fund Request for Proposals started last year for strategic Partnership. After closely reviewed, seven projects were chosen for funding, in a variety of disciplines, from math education to geosciences to information sciences and technology. The seven awardees will start their cooperation with professors in Penn State university. They would be funded by the two schools for travel and business expenses. In late April, Vice President Frank Ying lead a group of administrators to Pennsylvania State University

Penn State and NTNU are noted for their study of education. Dean David H. Monk visited NTNU in 2011 and discussed about the visits and exchange. In 2013, the Institute for Research Excellence in Learning Sciences was established, focusing on areas of education and psychology. Since then, the two universities have held a Joint Workshop on Advanced Learning Sciences every year, with each year’s conference being held in a different location. In 2016, the benchmarking initiatives are opportunities to more academic research collaboration.
Lin Yu Tzu, Graduate Institute for Information and Computer Education/Martin K.-C. Yeh,College of Information Sciences and Technology:「Leveraging human brainwave and eye gaze to harness the theory of computer program comprehension」
● Yeh En Chao, Department of Earth Science/Roman DiBiase,Geosciences:「UAV-assisted geomorphic and structural surveys of river corridors in the Taiwan Central Range」
● Chen Po His, Department of Educational Psychology and Conseling/Hartono Tjoe,Mathematics Education:「An interdisciplinary approach to understanding the role of calculators in mathematical problem solving: Perspectives of mathematics educators and psychometricians」
● Chiang Tsung Che, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering/Sadan Kulturel-Konak,Management Information Systems:「(i) Solving Multiobjective Dynamic Environmental/Economic Dispatch (DEED) Problem using AI & (ii) Developing Machine Learning Modules to Incorporate in Existing Courses」
● Christine Lai, Department of Business Administration/Dannis Lin,Statistics:「Word Power in Finance and Accounting: Topic 1: Information Signals of Text and Quantitative Measures in Financial Analyst Reports」
● Kuan Yi-Jehng, Department of Earth Science/James Kasting,Geosciences:「Spectral Study of Exoplanetary Atmospheres: A Direct Search for Habitable Earth-like Extra-Solar-System Planets」
● Ho Yao-Hua Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering /Esther Obonyo,Architectural Engineering:「Participatory Sensing for Outdoor-Indoor Air Quality Monitoring」
The NTNU representatives met the provost, the Dean of the College of Education, the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Communication, the College of Medicine, the Office of Alumni Relations, to gain an in-depth understanding of the strategy planning of Penn States University. Including the alumni relationship management, alumni mentor system, volunteer system, alumni donation loyalty management system, fundraising and other activities and operation as a reference for our future events