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Su Wen Yu from Dept. of Design wins Gold at MIFA

Su Wen Yu, a student of the Department of Design, received the gold award of Moscow International Foto Awards 2019 with her work Our Nature Playground. The photo features a young boy representing pure and future in the contrast image of a beach full of plastic waste. 
Su comes from Penghu offshore island. She started to learn photography when she entered the Department of Design at NTNU. She loves to capture the subtle moments of people's lives. She also works as a part-time wedding photographer. However, she still often thinks about her hometown Penghu. She is proud of the natural scenery in Penghu but it was polluted by selfish human beings. Penghu islands are surrounded by the ocean. We must take action and protect our mother earth.
The photos are taken at a beach in Huxi, Penghu. The image is real, not set by the photographer. She uses a documentary angle to present a true situation of the environment. How dreadful it is to imagine that our eco system, our beautiful ocean will be gone in 30 years.
According to Su, a speaker at the 2016 World Economic Forum mentioned that 8 million tons of plastic trash goes into the ocean, which equals on cart of trash being towed to the sea per minute. If the ocean is polluted by this speed, by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. 
The little boy in the picture symbolizes new life and hope. She thinks that the trash on the sea should be shared by all people on earth.