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Prof. Chang Yu Kai, Prof. Hsiao Hsien Sheng Received Outstanding Research Award from the Ministry of Science and Technology

Chair Professor Hsiao Hsien Sheng of the Dept. of Technology Application and Human Resource Development and Chair Professor Chang Yu Kai of the Department of Physical Education are selected among nearly 1000 outstanding scholars as the awardee of the Outstanding Research Award from the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2019. This is an embodiment of our solid research power. 
According to the Office of Research and Development, the Ministry of Science and Technology has been supporting outstanding scientific and technical talents with research results. Applicants should be the organizers for MOST subsidies for research projects and have to submit concrete research achievement for the past five years on "basic research" and "application research". The applicant has to be reviewed for several times and only 80 scholars are given this honorable award each year. 
Prof. Hsiao Hsien Sheng has been teaching at NTNU since 1997 after he received his PhD in Chiao Tung University. He has achieved a breakthrough in motion sensing technology, motor skills training is one of the important ways to promote executive function, allowing children to interact with the computer and control the computer with natural body movements through the 3D sensing device. The child must follow the instructions and post correctly. The system can record the learner's body movement and analysis information. It will immediately determine the correctness of the body movements and provide feedback, which can effectively improve the learning effect of young children.
In addition, the over simplicity of textbooks has become a problem in places around the world. Teachers must make good use of teaching resources to improve students' learning outcomes. However, the content of textbooks is too easy that causes confusion for learners. In the past, the application of cloud technology in education was mostly carried out in a short period of time and on a small scale, lacking a complete solution. Professor Hsiao's research team establishes a learning environment for students with the support of the cloud teaching system to solve the problems of simple textbooks. They have worked with many county and city governments on this result.
Professor Chang Yu Kai received his PhD in North Carolina in 2008. He first taught at National Taiwan Sport University and is one of the few scholars of sports that won the Wu Ta-You Prize. He was invited to teach at NTNU in 2018. His research focus on physical fitness characteristics and cognitive function, bringing back the knowledge of fitness from the states. Other of his studies include fitness patterns, dose response, regulatory variables, special ethnic groups and long-term intervention.