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Scholars Gather at International Learning Sciences Forum in NTNU

The International Learning Sciences Forum "International Trends for AI and Big Data in Learning Sciences” held by Institute for Research Excellence in Learning Science NTNU took place from July 11th to 13th. Renown scholars are invited to explore the latest research findings and future trends in artificial intelligence and big data learning in theoretical research in learning science, education practice and education industry. About 180 scholars attended this forum and discussed about the future development and trend of learning science.  President Wu Cheng Chih, Chair Professor Tsai Chin Chung, who is also the Dean of College of Learning Science, Professor of Educational Psychology Janice Gobert from Rutgers University and Stephen J.H. Yang from National Central University attended the opening ceremony. 
In President Wu's opening remarks, he thanks the participants of all experts. The research of AI and big data has strongly impact our society and economy, including education. He wishes that the forum can be a place where scholars can exchange constructive ideas. In the 2019 Ranking by Times Higher Education, NTNU is ranked 15th in education in the world and 2nd in Asia. 
Since 2013, NTNU has been supported by the Institute for Research Excellence in Learning Science and founded the Institute for Research Excellence in Learning Sciences with Pennsylvania State University. In 2018, NTNU received the fund of Global Taiwan research from the Ministry of Education. President Wu said that he is very grateful to all scholars for sharing their insights, as well as the support of the Organizing Committee of the Ministry of Science and Technology. He especially thanked the moderator, Professor Tsai Chin Chung, for his hard work of organizing this forum.