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NTNU EMBA Visited Kyushu and Yamaguchi, Japan

The group of EMBA students visited Japan on September 8th to 13th, lead by Vice President Frank Yung-Hsiang Ying, Dean of the College of Management Chou De Wai, Director Wang Shih Ju and Prof. Lin Shu Jou.
In addition to the excursion teaching to the sister schools like Kyushu University and Yamaguchi University, and the visit to a number of well-known companies including Yamaguchi Bank, MAZDA Mazda Factory in Hofu, and the production of the famous Dassi sake, the team even visited Yamaguchi Prefecture, which is the home of many politicians and Hofu City Government, they were received by Yamaguchi Prefecture Governer Tsugumasa Muraoka.
During the visit, both parties have exchanged ideas on many social and economic issues resulting from low birth rate. Governer Tsugumasa Muraoka even did a presentation about the current situation in Yamaguchi Prefecture, the future outlook and their responses.
Both parties also discussed about education and the possibilities of international exchange students. According to Vice President Ying, young people are important assets of a sociey. NTNU is ranked No. 1 in Internationalization with students coming from over 91 countries. Every year, seven to eight thousand foreign students study at NTNU as exchange student, or Chinese learner.
Chairperson of the Student of EMBA, Huang Kuan Ming said that although EMBA in NTNU is founded in recent years, the quality of teacher and teaching are really good. Through this experience, they learn more about the effort the school has put in education. It' truly an unforgettable experience to visit the bank, the companies and government in Japan and he expressed gratitude to the arrangement of EMBA.