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New Southbound Policy of College of Education, uniting with three Indonesian Universities

The Academic Alliance of Humanities of New Southbound Project visited Jakarta and Bandung in Indonesia to build relationship. The College of Education of NTNU is the organizer of the Academic Alliance of Humanities of New Southbound Project of the Ministry of Education. From September 9th to 12th, Vice Dean Kuo Jong Long, Vice Dean Mao Chin Ju and Dean Pan Shu Man of the College of International Studies and Social Sciences, Vice Dean Liao Shyue Cherng of College of Liberal Arts visited universities in Jakarta and Bandung along with other professors from NTU, NCCU, NTHU and NCKU. 
The visit visited three universities in Jakarta and Bandung, including the College of Humanities of the University of Indonesia, the Indonesia University of Education and the Parahyangan Catholic University, all of which are institutions of higher education in Indonesia. The members of the delegation said that the schools are deeply interested in the training of teachers in higher education. For example, Indonesian lecturers can come to Taiwan to study doctoral degrees. In addition, the Indonesia University of Education and other schools have also expressed their interest about improving the number papers published, especially on prestigious journals like Scopus and international academic research cooperation. The schools also talked about the exchange of students and looked forward to promote more bilateral cooperation and exchange in the future.
During the visit, the delegation also visited the Taipei Economic and Trade Office in Indonesia, the Indonesian Taiwan Alumni Association and the Jakarta Taiwan School to understand the current situation in various aspects of Indonesia, and that the Taipei office can provide assistance and programs for student exchange and bilateral cooperation. Over the years, the number of alumni associations in Indonesia has been accumulating, but most of them study science, engineering, and business. There are fewer alumni with education background. In the future, the program of elite education to attract more elite elites to study in Taiwan. In the future, our students could go to Jakarta Taiwan School to do internships. The economic and trade exchanges between Taiwan and Indonesia have been going on for a long time. This time, the visit to the new southbound education and the representatives of scholars in the humanities field is a breakthrough in academics and strategy. It's hoped that this visit will help expand the academic and exchanges between Taiwan and Indonesian universities and Taiwan Alumni Associations.