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Field Trip in Okinawa by NTNU and Meio University

On September 1st to 7th, the Graduate Institute of Sport, Leisure and Hospitality Management of NTNU and Meio University held an international field trip together. Associate Prof. Lin Po Hsiu led 21 students to Meio University in Okinawa and met 6 teachers and 17 students from the Department of Health Information Management. Chairman of FC Ryukyu also me the team from NTNU. 
The preparation started by students in Taiwan and in Japan four months ago. The first two days are sightseeing and cultural activities. They first visited the aquarium and had a barbecue. 
On the second day, both sides gave presentations about the itinerary they planned and possible dangerous animals in Tokashiki Island. In the afternoon, they practiced snorkeling in the swimming pool of Meio University. On the third day, the field trip take place in Tokashiki Island. The students were very lucky because they saw the sea turtle swimming nearby when snorkeling. NTNU students then cooked Taiwanese style dishes outdoor.  
On the second day on Tokashiki Island, they planned to cook Okinawan style dishes. Due to a typhoon, they changed their plan and went to American Village. At the last three days, the NTNU students were divided into groups and visited different places. 
Students and teachers from Meio University saw NTNU teachers and students off at Naha Airport. The implementation of the plan requires preparation and spontaneous response. Although the time of field trip was shortened because of typhoon, it's a chance to learn how to adapt to natural environment and conduct outdoor activities. It's truly a valuable experience, cooperated by students, teachers and lecturers.