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Taiwan-US Sports Science Forum held in NTNU

The Sports Academic Research Workshop and the Taiwan-US Sports Science Forum was held on October 19th. Professors and distinguished scholars from Taiwan and the United States gathered at the Gold Medal Lecture Hall to discuss sports. NTNU serves as the host, under the guidance of the Ministry of Science and Technology, invited five guests from National Academy of Kinesiology, including Chair Professor Hung Tsung Min from the Department of Physical Education. 
In the opening speech, Vice President Chen Chao Chen welcomed the guests from Taiwan and the United States to participate in the workshop. She is particularly grateful to the Organizing Committee of the event, the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan, and the School of Sports and Recreation and the College of Technology and Engineering. She hopes NTNU will continue to play an important role in the field of sports science, lead the exploration of new knowledge in sports science, and promote the development of related fields.
Professor Liu Huei Mei from the Department of Special Education stressed the importance of sports science and pointed out its influence on society, especially public health and training performance of athletes. She is looking forward to participating in this series of activities, sharing and exchange of academic research, making Taiwan more progressive in the field of sports science and inspiring more innovative thinking.
The first keynote speech was given by the current academician of the National Academy of Kinesiology, Dr. Bradley J. Cardinal. He started with the history of sports science. He also introduces the National Academy of Kinesiology and emphasizes the importance of Applied Kinesiology. Four sessions were given by different speakers after the keynote speech.
There are Sports Psychology by Academician Maureen R Weiss, Sports Physiology by Academician Deborah Riebe, Sports Education by Academician Ang Chen, and Literature and History of Professor Bih Herng Dar. Finally, a table discussion is led by Academician Hung Tsung Min organized. It is hoped that this event could be a platform, making Taiwan's sports academic field in line with international standards and even surpass it.