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Experts from Asia Pacific Discussed about Inquiry Teaching and Learning in NTNU

With the adapting of the 2019 curriculum, the working group of promoting curriculum in regular high school and the Center for Educational Research the International co-organize the Symposium on Inquiry Teaching and Learning in High Schools: Approaches and Strategies. It was held at NTNU on October 25t and 26th. Experts coming from Australia, Thailand and Hong Kong came to share their experience and hope to come up with a solution that suits the teaching practice in Taiwan.
Division Chief Chen Tung Yin from K-12 Education Administration and Chairman Chen Hsiao Lan from the Department of Education gave opening remarks at the symposium. Chief Chen said that the curriculum used in Taiwan is similar to that of Finland, which shows that we are in line with International trend. There are two key concepts in 2019 curriculum. One is to focus self-learning of students and another is their hands on experience.
Inquiry teaching is an abstract concept. Prof. Chen thinks that the point is not about having a big event but to incorporate into daily lessons, to inspire students.
MYP Vice Principal of Learning and Teaching Sally (Ya-Hsin) Wen from Concordian International School talked about Inquiry-based teaching design approaches and models. Dr. Gillian Kidman, Associate Professor at Maths Science & Technology, Monash University talked about Inquiry-based teaching and learning across disciplines. There are four workshops in the afternoon about language, humanities, science and art. Alumna of NTNU Sally Wen thinks
that ask questions is the key to raise student's interest. The reason why students don't participate is that the questions aren't good enough. She thinks that technology is only an aid and good questions lead to good answers.