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Yushan Young Scholars at NTNU

The Yushan Scholar Program by the Ministry of Education started in 2018. The object is to attract the world’s elite by providing internationally competitive salaries and benefits so that their expertise can take root in Taiwan’s academic environment and increase the international impact of Taiwan’s higher education. Two Yushan Youth Scholar was appointed, one is Prof. Ulrich Menne at the Department of Mathematics and another, Assistant Professor Lee Yueh Ning, goes to the Department of Earth Sciences.

Prof. Menne has joined the Department of Mathematics since the 1st semester of the academic year of 2018 as the first foreign professor in the department. The department held a welcoming party for him on October 16th.

Prof. Ulrich Menne received his doctoral degree in mathematics at the University of Tübingen. He has worked in Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Albert Einstein Institute as researchers and taught in the Leipzig University and the University of Zurich. He is experienced in leading academic research teams, has close relationships with noted scholars and has organized international seminars.

Prof. Ulrich Menne's research areas are geometric measure theory, differential and convex geometry, linear and nonlinear elliptic partial differential equations, functional analysis. He has achieved a major breakthrough in regularity and published several influential papers. Prof. Menne is highly recognized by Prof. Leon Simon from Standford University, a world-class expert on Geometric Measure Theory.

Assistant Professor Lee Yueh Ning, aged 29, recently joined the Department of Earth Sciences. Lee received her doctoral degrees from Universite Paris Diderot and started her two year post-graduate studies at IPGP. What's more, she's one of the owners of the Eisenstein Project by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Astronomy is a subject studied by many researchers in the world. Although there may be less people here in Taiwan compared to France, she thinks that there are lots of opportunities out there and one needs to reach out.