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NTNU Graduate Student Lee Ming Feng Speaks at 2019 IAVE Conference

Lee Ming Feng, a graduate student at the Department of Civic Education and Leadership, was invited again as the speaker at the 16th IAVE Asia Pacific Volunteer Conference again. Lee also attended the conference in Germany as Taiwanese representative last year. This year, he and his team went to Bangkok, Thailand from November 10th to 15th as Taiwanese youth volunteer. He delivered a keynote speech “Make your Youth Volunteering Program simple and impactful” on November 14th, sharing his experience of managing volunteer groups across universities and serving. This year is the 17th year of Lee devoting himself into charity work, with more than 9,000 hours volunteering. Since he joined the scout in third grade, he has been happy to serve. Lee founded the Youth Volunteer Service for Eco-Friendship at age 15. This is a group of promoting eco education, organizing camps that encourage students and parents to be close to nature. He initiates all kinds of charitable events and has been summoned by president for 7 times. 
Now he is actively sharpening his skill. He pass the Cambridge® Certificated Facilitative Trainer Training this year and Accelerated Learning from the states. His goal is to become a more influential mentor and help NGOs.  
Founded in 1970, IAVE exists to promote, strengthen and celebrate volunteering in the myriad ways it happens throughout the world. It is a global network of NGOs, businesses, national volunteer centers and grassroots leaders of volunteering, with members in 70 countries across all the regions of the world.
The topic of this year’s gathering is Unlocking the Power of Volunteering. While last year, participants were mainly from Europe, this year, many Asian volunteer representatives joined. Lee proudly connects one and another, exchange business cards and share the famous Pineapple cake with everyone.
Lee firmly believes that one should not underestimate yourself. Everyone can have an impact on someone else. Let’s make a change in this world and make it a better place.