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Huge Progress in International Research, NTNU Ranked 61st at QS Asia University Rankings 2020

QS University Rankings recently announced the new rankings for Asian universities for 2020. This year, NTNU moved up six places to number 61. Throughout the years, NTNU is ranked around 50~60 in Asia University rankings. The total score in 2020 is 58.4 a slight increase compared to 56.1 of 2019. Since the first year of QS Asian University Rankings, NTNU has been making some progress year by year.
A closer look at the various indicators reveals that NTNU's scores have improved steadily. The Academic reputation is 55.5, top 5 in Taiwan and Employer reputation is 32.9, showing that the industry has trusted in NTNU. The faculty student ratio score has is 82.9 this year, becoming the third in Taiwan. International research network is an indicator that was added last year and NTNU scores 70.2, ranked 7th in Taiwan. NTNU achieves a marvelous score of 94.5 for Internationalization, topping the list among Taiwanese universities. This shows that there are more and more international students coming to NTNU to learn mandarin as well as to pursue degrees.
In respond to this, The Office of Institutional Research states that the ranking is only a part of the mission of the school. In the future, NTNU will continue to strive to achieve even higher levels of educational and academic excellence and establish the finest campus environment for learning and research. For the benefit of society, NTNU will continue to cultivate leading talent and improve the construction of campus
QS first started the ranking of Asian Universities in 2009 based on a mix of indicators including Academic reputation (30%), Employer reputation (20%), Faculty student ratio(10%), the and Internationalization (10%) ratio of academic staff with a PhD(5%) and International research network (10%). The ranking lists top 550 universities in Asia.