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Chair Professor C.-T. James Huang Granted Member of Academia Europaea

Well-known linguist C.-T. James Huang is an alumnus and chair professor at NTNU. He was granted as a member of Academia Europaea. This is a glorious moment for Prof. Huang for his contribution to modern languages and his great influence in the academic world.

C.-T. James Huang was born in Hualien. He was very interested in reading when he was a child. When he helped his family on the farm, he sat on a cow and read stories, including novels, comics, and modern poetry. He got up at five in the morning to study when he was in high school and I memorized the entire English-Chinese dictionary in a year. He then entered the world of English and modern linguistics in NTNU. After obtaining a master's degree also in NTNU, he went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for his PhD with a constant encouragement from a professer.

Prof. Huang is the Distinguished Alumni in NTNU and Chair Professor at English Department. He founded the Journal of East Asian Linguistic and works as academic consultant or editor at many important linguistics journals. Huang has published articles and books in both English in Mandarin Chinese within the generative grammar framework of linguistics, extensively on the structure of Mandarin Chinese grammar. In 2015, Huang received a Festschrift comprising the work of 21 specialists in Chinese syntax, which is headlined by his own most recent publication on the subject of both synchronic and diachronic approaches to syntactic analyticity in Chinese parametric grammar. Huang has been teaching at Harvard University in 2001. In 2015, he was elected as Fellow of the Linguistic Society of America and In 2016, he was elected as Academician in Academia Sinica.