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Graduation Ceremony for class of 2020, greetings from Taiwan and Abroad

The graduation ceremony of class 2020 was held on June 13th for 4145 graduates

Chair Professor, Nobel laureate Gao Xingjian who now lives in Paris and Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shih Chung recorded videos for graduates.


There is a total of 4,145 graduates in year 2020, 2,225 college graduates, 1,745 with master’s degree and 175 with phD. With the blessings of relatives, friends and teachers, they say goodbye to campus life and march to the next journey in life. Due to the epidemic situation, many foreign students could not participate in the graduation ceremony. Therefore, the school sent a letter inviting students graduated this year but are not in Taiwan to participate in the graduation ceremony remotely. 12 Chinese students and 1 Hong Kong student joined the online session on the day of the ceremony, they can not only watch the live stream but also accept the blessings from the students and teachers.


After the flag of NTNU and colleges, President Wu Cheng Chih led senior administrators and walked on stage. In his remarks, President Wu said that NTNU has faced more challenges than other schools. We conquered it together and many foreign students did home isolation. He believed that this epidemic has changed our social pattern and enable us to spend more time with family and self-reflection.


Prof. Gao said that in comparison with western world, Taiwan is less infected by the virus outbreak, which is contributed to all efforts of our citizens. He hopes that students can look beyond Taiwan and vision the world, learn from the past and think about future to broaden horizon, to shoulder responsibilities. Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shih Chung recorded a clip and congratulate graduates and encourage them to remember their true heart no matter what obstacles they face in the future.