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Number of Double Major and Minor in NTNU Increased Due to Change of System


In response to social development and the need for cross-disciplinary talents, National Taiwan Normal University encourages students to learn in different departments as double major and minor. The original audition system will be replaced by registration. The number of students as double major and minor increased significantly. It is expected that more than 50% of students will enroll in courses from different department by 2025. In addition, the National Taiwan University system is working on cross-university enrollment. Last year, a student from the Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature was admitted to the Department of Construction Engineering in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

President Wu Cheng Chih emphasized that in this complicated modern world, gaining academic knowledge from a single domain is not enough. People that are familiar with different fields with an innovative mindset are welcomed in the world. Since 2012, NTNU has decreased credits of compulsory courses and reconstruct the structure of the curriculum.  

Except for a few departments such as sports, music, and fine arts that requires specialties, most departments are adapting to the new dual and auxiliary registration system, including the Department of English, Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling, Department of Business Management, and Department of Science and Information Engineering.

According to the Office of Academic Affairs, the number of double major and minor has increased from 1067, 1181 to 1486 year by year. Students are open to the idea of learning in different fields.

Now, cross- disciplinary learning is involved in the development plan of school affairs in 2020 to 2025. It’s expected that students with double major, minor and programs will rose from 35% to more than 50%