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Full Semester of MTC Online for an unlimited Chinese Learning Environment

Campus around the world are closed due to the impact of COVID-19. Mandarin Training Center at NTNU now launches online courses for a full semester. Students and those who are interested in the beauty of Chinese words can learn at home without the limit of boundaries. MTC Online help overseas students and professionals realize the dream of “learning Chinese at home” through synchronous teaching platform and internet.


MTC Online was first started in 2013, students can get a customized learning plan arrange their courses according to their time after taking an assessment text.

In 2020, many students can’t come to Taiwan due to COVID-19. MTC first started a short term, contemporary course from June to August. However, summer ended, but the travel restriction is still common. Hence, MTC decided to start a full semester course online and design courses for students in different time zone with different level.

In addition, to train excellent Chinese teachers at home and abroad, the MTC has opened online Chinese language teacher training courses. The online Chinese language teacher training courses was started in 2017 and 300 people have passed the course in 18 sessions. This teacher’s training course is synchronous, so that students can learn from teachers at home without travel. What’s more, the courses will be recorded so that students can review afterwards.