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2020 Asia-Pacific Education Held Online


The goal of Asia-Pacific Association for Teacher Education, an association initiated by the College of Education of NTNU, is to develop teacher education and teacher training strategies in the Asia-Pacific area. This year, the forum, held on November 13, is moved online but the discussion remain heated. The Forum aims to provide a platform for participants from various countries in the Asia-Pacific region to share their educational experiences and inspire possible cross-border academic cooperation.


Deans from colleges education or teacher training units all over the world participated in the 4th Deans’ Forum, including the University of Hong Kong, University of Malaya, University of the Philippines, Indonesia University of Education, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City and other well-known foreign universities Deans and scholars of the Faculty of Education, and the deans, deputy deans and directors of the National Taiwan Normal University, National Taiwan University, National Cheng Kung University, National Taipei University of Education and other administrators participated in the school. The theme of the Dean’s Forum is " Challenges of Curriculum Reform and Responses of Teacher Education: Asian Perspectives and International". Scholars from various countries exchanged ideas of future development of teacher training with each other different regardless of their different cultural backgrounds, research directions.  

During the Deans’ Forum, scholars from various countries in the Asia-Pacific region, based on the promotion of teacher education in their own countries, from the government, schools, institutions, and private sectors, shared ideas about current research results and problems encountered in teacher training and development.


After the forum, participants from all over the world expressed their interest in joining the Asia-Pacific Association for Teacher Education, and provided constructive opinions on the future development of the association, including the cultivation of teachers and mind the happiness of education practitioners. Enhancement of awareness, supplementation and development of creative thinking, as well as problems encountered in the recruitment of new partners and career continuation in the entire education industry have become important development topics shared by professionals who are concerned about teacher education in the Asia-Pacific region.