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Impressed by Self-developed Day-pass System, Acer Visited NTNU


With the spreading of coronavirus, it is a global challenge to combat the virus. Director Cheng from our long-time partner, Acer AEB, visited Executive Vice President Greg Chung-Mou Lee in a group of five to discuss the Day-pass system, a project led by Vice President Lee. Since March 2020, NTNU has started using the system Day Pass for security concern. Visitors can scan the QR code at entrance for a one-day pass, when they get to their destination, they can check in at the unit visited as a record of campus footprint. The process is easy, quick, and paperless.


According to Director Cheng, his colleagues from Acer often visit NTNU due to a collaboration between the two. They are impressed by the Day-pass system developed by NTNU, which is not only efficient but also user friendly. Visitors don’t have to fill their information on paper every time. Vice President Lee shared with them the development and outlook of the system and demonstrated the VIP smart temperature sensor. It takes only three steps, scan your ID, have your temperature taken and check Day pass. The data will go to online data directly and you will receive a text of your temperature in a minute.  


In addition, Vice President Lee also demonstrated the smart pass system under development, integrating AI technologies such as AIoT, face recognition, and machine learning. With the assistant Day Pass App in real-name registration, footprint, forehead temperature measurement and mask wearing, all measures are important in preventing the spreading of the virus. The Acer team also praised the system and said that they look forward to the introduction of Day Pass system into the existing access control system. Vice President Lee is open for more communication between academic and the industry, to fulfill our social responsibility by utilizing the system in the society.