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NTNU Amazes 2020 EdTech Taiwan


Higher education institutes around the world are affected by the epidemic this year and are forced to take on digital transformation. National Taiwan Normal University participated in the 2020 EdTech Taiwan, held from December 2nd to 6th, and demonstrated our professional development and research results on the epidemic prevention on campus, Chinese language teaching, computing thinking, information science, science education, AI application literacy courses. We want to show the world our determination to evolve together with ever-changing trends.

On the opening day, Executive Vice President Sung Yao Ting and Greg Chung Mou Lee visited the exhibition along with senior administrators. SmartReading is a learning platform developed by the research team led by Executive Vice President Sung. With AI and big data, the system can analyze the reading ability and recommend suitable book for students in no time. Day Pass is a system developed by the research team led by Vice President Greg Chung Mou Lee. There is an app that records the health information of students and the system is used for visitor controlling.

In display in the co-exhibition section is the result of Informatics and Computational Thinking Promotion Plan, directed by Vice President Greg Chung Mou Lee and Professor Koh Jia Ling. Teacher and students can learn about computational thinking and give it a try at hands on station. Those who are familiar with computational thinking can try coding in another area.

In the area of special edutation, there are Fun in Science, AI2 Robot City, Empower, AES-HAN and SmartReading. Fun in Science is developed by the team led by Prof. Chang Chun Yen in the Graduate Institute of Science Education. They designed a board game of science education and connects the CloudClassRoom system.

The team of AI 2 Robot City, led by Prof. Hsu Ting Chia from the Department of Technology Application and Human Resources Application, is a game-based learning kit for primary and secondary school students, which combines AI image-recognition teaching tool of MIT App Inventor and the computational thinking board game Robot City. Through this learning kit, users will learn to make smart cars, create image-recognition models, write, and perform mobile application. Users will learn to write a program to recognize the personal cards in the board game, and furthermore to control the smart cars with blue-tooth and compete in the computational thinking board game.