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Team of NTNU Received 17th National Innovation Award



National Innovation Awards are considered the most representative benchmark in gauging and evaluating research & development capacity as well as innovation capability of healthcare institutions and enterprises in the field of biotechnology in Taiwan. The awarding ceremony was held on December 1st. The AIoT team led by Prof. Chieh Jen Jie at the Graduate Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering has implemented the spectroscopy technology on quality inspection along with AloT. It only takes 3 seconds to detect whether orchids are infected with viruses, and spectroscopy can also be used to analyze the maturation of meat. In the future, it can be used to detect fruit quality, coffee bean flavor, etc. Therefore, their research result was given the 17th National Innovation Awards.

The traditional quality inspection method in agriculture and food industry are time-consuming and will damage the product. Also, many factors will affect the accuracy of the result. To achieve the need of fast, accurate, general inspection, the team developed the technology of spectroscopy on quality inspection with the aid of AIoT.

Looking back on the team’s development of this part of the technology in recent years, they have faced severe technical and commercial challenges. However, the team insists that scientific and technological research and development should not be limited to the publication of academic works and is responsible for the needs of society and industry. For all members, this process is not only about cross-domain learning, but also integrates what they have learned in different fields.

The team thanked the support of multiple entities, such as Food Research and Development Institute, Institute for Information Industry, professionals, and incubator tutoring and most importantly, NTNU. The National Innovation Award is definitely the beginning of a new journey and will require a lot of effort to bring greater improvements to the country and industry in many aspects