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A Blow to Know Your Blood Sugar Level

Blood sugar test is necessary for diabetes patients at home. With the use of needles, invasive procedures are stressful to patients. As the diet has changed throughout the year, the number of diabetes patients has been rising year by year. More people suffer from this disease at an early age. Now there are around 2 million diabetes patients in Taiwan with an increase of 25,000 patients each year.

Prof. Lin Cheng Huang from the Department of Chemistry developed a Real time breathing detective technique. The patient needs to blow in and the relative concentration of his carbon dioxide and residual oxygen content can be analyzed. It’s hope that the new device can replace the invasive detection of diabetic patients, and to spot patients at their early stage.

An academic conference was held on January 5th at NTNU, hosted by Vice President Hsu Ying Shao from the Office of Research and Development, Dean Kwunmin Chen. Many professors from NTNU and from hospitals joined the press conference.

Other related testing methods are majorly based on mass spectrometers or other types of detectors to detect different types of gases. Professor Lin’s uses a mini whistle to detect gases through physically. When different gases pass through the whistle, different sound will be produced. The microphone will receive the signal and converting the signal into computer analysis and processing, to calculate the amount of gas passing through the whistle. It is the only research technology in the world that uses the change of sound frequency in quantitative analysis.

This technology is based on a 10-year research and thanks to foreign experts and experts in different field. He hopes that the technology can be used at home easily like ear thermometer or sphygmomanometer and those who are likely to have diabetes can find it out.