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Award-wining NTNU builds Friendly Campus of International Students



National Taiwan Normal University has spared no effort to create a friendly environment for international teachers and students for many years. According to the Times Higher Education and QS World University Rankings, the performance of National Taiwan Normal University in international performance and international student ratio are all ranked top 1 in Taiwan. Last year, NTNU was selected by the Ministry of Education as the Excellent School for Foreign Student Counseling in 2020 and the Administrative Executive Mou Yi-Ting of the International Affairs Office, was awarded outstanding employee.

According to statistics, in 2019, the number of overseas students including degree students and non-degree students, foreign students, overseas Chinese and students from China studying in Taiwan is 130,417 in total, which grown year by year. To be familiar with the culture and living environment in Taiwan, the school and counselor are of great importance. To encourage the work done by administrators in campus, the Ministry of Education gave out awards to excellent schools and personnel that assist foreign students.

At NTNU, we establish a group of volunteer that can help foreign students to familiarize the campus and also on their study of Chinese. There are associations for students that comes from the same country for them to know each other. In order to take care of all students psychologically, English and Cantonese speaking counseling Psychologist are available.

To be in line with the new southbound policy, NTNU provides Chinese language tutoring resources for overseas Chinese students who can take courses according to their needs to improve their language skills. To familiarize overseas students with regulations of staying and working in Taiwan, NTNU invites alumni working at the Ministry of Labor to campus to share their experiences. We also offer assistance in the application for work permits, provide part-time positions to increase the opportunities for overseas students to stay in Taiwan.

Administrative Executive Mou Yi-Ting was award by the Ministry of Education as outstanding Employee on assisting foreign students. Due to Covid-19, it was not easy for foreign students to come to Taiwan to study. Mou assisted those who are in quarantine and send them drink and snacks to cheer them up. She invited Japanese, Thai and Korean students to film recruiting videos which received positive results. Also, she has been actively involved in overseas recruiting campaign in South East Asia and North East Asia countries. She also produced a bilingual online document explaining how to apply for work permit for students. She represents what NTNU is to foreign students and NTNU is proud to be the top choice for international students.