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Professor Sung Yao Ting of the Dept. of Educational Psychology and Counseling Awarded Academic Award


Knowing that education can change a person’s future, Vice President Sung Yao Tinghas dedicated his life to educational psychology, psychometrics, psychological testing and other related fields. He has more than 30 years of teaching experience and assist in the formulation of education policies. He was responsible for the exam questions of the The Basic Competence Test for Junior High School Students and Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students. He experienced major revolutionary reforms in education while paying attention to the development of Mandarin Teaching in Taiwan. He assists in the promotion of the Test of Chinese Language Proficiency (TOCFL) to the world, and care about the education in remote areas. He established a PASSION teaching team (Program of Adaptive Screening, Streaming, and Instruction for Omni-directional Nurturing) and changed the lives of low-achieving children, and his many contributions made him a third time winner of the National Science Council Outstanding Research Award. On March 22, Vice Presient Sung received the 64th Academic Award of the Ministry of Education from Premier Su Tseng Chang.

The National Chair Professorships and Academic Award are both awards of long history given to model scholars in Taiwan. President Tsai Ing-wen and Premier Su Tseng Chang were the presenters at the awards ceremony. President Tsai addressed contribution of the winners and expressed the government's emphasis on academic research, industrial linkages, and the cultivation of higher education talents. Professor Sung Yao Ting has developed automatic analysis and correction technology of Chinese texts, and a Chinese dictionary association database. He is truly a pioneer in the use of information to promote Chinese to the world.

Professor Sung was grateful of the support from his wife and the assistance of fellow researchers. According to Sung, it’s important for a scholar to be recognized by one’ s academic contribution, but what’s most important is not the award but to know the research result is beneficial to human being.