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The International Society of Sport Psychology 15th World Congress at NTNU


The International Society of Sport Psychology 15th World Congress, organized by Society of Sport and Exercise Psychology and assisted by National Taiwan Normal University, was held in Taipei from September 30 to October 4. Licensed by International Society of Sport Psychology, it is the largest, most engaged professional psychology congress in the world. More than 600 experts from 57 nations attended the congress online and this is beneficial in elevating the academic reputation of Taiwan and our development of Exercise Psychology and behavior studies.

The ISSP is the only worldwide organisation of scholars explicitly concerned with sport psychology. It was formed in 1965 under the direction of Dr. Ferruccio Antonelli of Italy, since has had General Assembly meetings every four years during the World Congress. The truly international flavor of the ISSP is illustrated by its numerous members from a variety of countries, and the diverse locations of past World Congresses, which include: Rome, Italy (1965), Washington, USA (1968), Madrid, Spain (1973), Prague, Czechoslovakia (1977), Ottawa, Canada (1981), Copenhagen, Denmark (1985), Singapore (1989), Lisbon, Portugal (1993), Telaviv, Israel (1997), Skiathos, Greece (2001), Sydney, Australia (2005), Marrakesh, Morocco (2009) and Beijing,China(2013), Seville, Spain (2017), & Taipei (2021).

The Society of Sports and Exercise Phycology of Taiwan was founded in 2000 to strengthen the communication between research groups from different countries. Base on the solid foundation build along the years, SSEPT started the organized the 15th congress since 2015 and got the right to hold the congress in 2017.

The agenda includes keynote speeches, seminars, workshops and research papers, academic award-giving ceremony. 2021 Conference organizer, Distinguished Professor from the Department of Physical Education Chang Yu Kai said that through hosting international conferences, the study of Taiwan can be seen and taken into discussion. The topic of this year is The Future of Sport and Exercise Psychology: New Horizons beyond the Olympic and Paralympic Games in the Pandemic World. President of the International Society of Sport Psychology Robert Schinke delivered his remarks online and talked about the Olympics and Paralympics held this year; President Wu Cheng Chih welcomed experts around the world as the host university. It’s a great opportunity for new ideas to be discussed and be heard.