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Conference on Child Development and Family Studies Held online by NTNU


The Conference on Child Development and Family Studies, CDFS, is mainly about the society, education, communication, psychology, and cognitive neuroscience, focusing on child development, children's education, family life, family education. It serves as a platform for researchers and practitioners in the above fields to exchange ideas with each other. The first seminar was held at National Taiwan Normal University as physical conference in 2020.

Due to ongoing COVID-19 related restrictions, the 2021 Conference on Child Development and Family Studies was held online on October 16. The organizers are Organizers: Department of Human Development and Family Studies, NTNU; NTNU-Haskins Joint Laboratory of Brain Development; Family Research and Development Center, Taipei City Family Education Center and the co-organization is the Journal of Human Development and Family Studies.

The conference started at 8:30am, Executive Vice President Sung Yao Ting, Director General of the Department of Lifelong Education of MOU Lee, Yu-Jiuan, former Minister of Education Ovid Tzeng, Dean Chen Hsueh Chih of the College of Education and adviser of the conference Prof. Liu Huei Mei all gave opening remarks. The seminar came to an end at 4:30 with about 300 participants.


The conference invites keynote speakers, symposium proposals, individual papers, and poster abstracts related to topics including cognitive development, language development, social and emotional development, physical movement development, intellectual development and learning, early childhood education, educare environment and experience, family resources and management, marriage relations, intimate relations, family relations, parenthood and upbringing, family style , Family dynamics, family education, family policies and services, multicultural education and other related topics.


Prof. Hsueh, Cherng Tay talked about the marriage dos and don’ts, a finding supported by data. Prof. Tzeng, Shih Jay talks about the insufficient education of disadvantaged children, explaining that the invention of effective teaching can be helpful. Prof. Chen Yu Wen talks about the subjective well-being of children in Taiwan. The three speeches will be written on the 22nd Journal of Human Development and Family Studies.