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Netherlands Office Taipei Paid Visit to NTNU for Cooperation Discussion

Representative of Netherlands Office Taipei Guido Tielman was invited to come to NTNU on October 28th. President Wu Cheng Chih, Vice President Ying-Shao Hsu of the Office of Research and Development and Associate Vice President Nikky Lin welcomed the guest and they discussed issues related to the cooperation between NTNU and the Netherlands.

Taiwan has connected with the Netherlands in history but also in trade. Netherlands is the biggest foreign investor with a total investment amount bigger than America and Japan combined. Netherlands Office Taipei plays a key role in between. Mr. Tielman was onboard in 2020 and he’s interested in the academic partnership between the Netherlands and NTNU, the EMI course and the internship.

President Wu says that recently, NTNU is one of the Keys Cultivation University for Program on Bilingual Education. We are working on EMI courses to gain competitiveness internationally and attract foreign students. He also talks about the Taiwan Hua-Yu Best Program by the Ministry of Education, which is now for American universities, it’s possible that the plan will be expand to Europe. They talk about the scholarship, academic and teachers’ exchange as to promote the bilateral relationship between higher educations in both sides.

Associate Vice President Nikky Lin says that NTNU is an international campus, many foreign students come to MTC to study Chinese as well as pursuing degree. Now we have 3 sister schools in the Netherlands and our relationship with Leiden University is the longest. In recent decade, we have sent over 10 students each year. Even in the pandemic, we see an exchange of 4 students between NTNU and Leiden.

Vice President Ying-Shao Hsu of the Office of Research and Development says that Netherlands is known for top-notch creative technology, commerce, and sustainability. There’s a demand for related experts and technicians in Dutch companies in Taiwan. We welcome Dutch companies to join job fair in NTNU and strengthen the academic exchange and academic-industry cooperation.