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The 8th International School Chinese Language Education Conference and Workshop Successfully Held


The 8th International School Chinese Language Education Conference and Workshop was hosted by Chinese Language and Technology Research Center of the National Taiwan Normal University and co-organized by Kang Chiao International School (Xiugang Campus) on November 25-27th, 2021. Over 200 participants joined the tree day conference from America, U.K., Canada, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong, China and Vietnam.

Due to covid-19, the conference was held online with 3 keynote speech, 1 seminar, 26 workshops and 70 papers. The theme of the conference is Rethinking and Challenges of International Chinese Teaching, including the professional growth, teaching and learning information and communication technology, intercultural teaching and cultural education, teaching methods and teaching transformation, international education. The goal is to promote the awareness and practice of Chinese language and literature in the context of international education. There are keynote speeches, teaching workshops by well-known scholars and writers and thesis published.

Executive Vice President Sung Yao Ting said that The Chinese teaching in international schools is different from traditional teaching in various ways, including: student-centered; teachers guide students to learn spontaneously; respect individual differences of students; use of diverse teaching methods and materials; make good use of technological media to improve teaching efficiency; research-oriented teaching practice. Through the above practices, the Chinese language education of international schools will be enriched, innovative, diverse, and effective.

Principal Shyu Wen-Song of Kang Chiao International School (Xiugang Campus) is the alumni of Department of Educational Phycology and Counseling of NTNU. He said that traditional Chinese teaching focus more on memorization and recital; in Kang Chiao, teachers pay attention to higher order ability, like analytical thinking, constructive criticism. The conference is a great opportunity for scholars and teacher to discuss openly for a more diverse and international Chinese language teaching environment.

The International School Chinese Language Education Conference and Workshop, ISCLE is an annual event started in 2013. The platform let experts and education workers discussed Chinese language education and related issue in international schools and shared successful practices.