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President Wu Cheng Chih Reappointed as the 14th President of NTNU

The Reappointment Ceremony of NTNU President Wu Cheng Chih was held on February 22nd. Political Deputy Minister of Education Mon-Chi Lio personally handed the Certificate of Appointment for the second term. In his remarks, he praised President Wu for a steady growth in universities’ business. NTNT has nurtured cross display talents, conducted prospective study with extraordinary results in world-known academic ratings like QS World University Rankings by Subject. He hopes that President Wu can continue to devote to higher education in Taiwan and educate talents.

National Taiwan Normal University has a long history and has cultivated countless outstanding teachers and talents, and its teaching quality has been recognized by all walks of life. Since President Wu took office in 2017, he has been committed to promoting internationalization, industrial connection, alumni network and other key school affairs, and has made good progress. Before the expiration of the first term, he held a vote to exercise the right to renew his term, and received more than three-quarters of agreement at the school affairs meeting.

President Wu said that the smooth promotion of school affairs is due to the support of all teachers and students and the efforts of all academic and administrative directors. In terms of internationalization, National Taiwan Normal University has established bilateral substantive cooperative relations with international universities such as Cambridge, Yale, UCLA, Pennsylvania, and Kyushu University, and was selected as a Key Cultivation University for Program on Bilingual Education by the Ministry of Education. In terms of university-industry linkages, National Taiwan Normal University has developed into a comprehensive university, cultivating outstanding talents in different fields, and forming alliances with international companies to provide students with internship and employment opportunities. In terms of alumni network, it has successfully connected with alumni at home and abroad.

This year marks the 100th years of the establishment of NTNU. President Wu will continue to serve the NTNU community and build a strong foundation for the next 100 years. The certificates of appointment were given to first tier of directors on the same day. President Wu thanks everyone for their support for NTNU and hopes everyone can cherish NTNU together.