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NTNU Students Awarded as Runners up of Overseas Compatriot Students Translation Competition

The 2021-2022 Overseas Compatriot Students Translation Competition Awards Ceremony was held on March 11th. After writing test, oral test and final competition, Caroline Chandrawijaya, freshman of College of Education and Sinh Tu Ngoc, a sophomore of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language are the runner up in Indonesian and Vietnamese groups.

Vice President Roy Lu of Overseas Chinese Affairs Council gave the awards to the winners. He encourages compatriot students to dream big, show their talents, and let employers know the strength of overseas Chinese students' bilingual advantages.

This year, the competition is divided into four Southeast Asian language groups, such as Indonesian, Vietnamese, Burmese and Thai. Participants need to translate in both direction under the topic of “Compatriot students’ daily life in Taiwan ' and 'Taiwan's epidemic prevention experience', attracting 423 overseas Chinese students from 76 institutes to sign up for the competition. Roy Lu said that compatriot students have the advantages of localization and internationalization with bilingual or even multilingual ability. Through this translation competition, students have the chance to learn more about Chinese and understand the beauty of Taiwan. He hoped that companies will see the competitiveness of compatriot students as talents needed by the industry.

The government has implemented the overseas Chinese student policy for more than 70 years, and has always cultivated more than 160,000 alumni who have graduated and stayed in Taiwan, becoming an important force in all walks of life. Roy Lu pointed out that in response to the trend of fewer children and competition for international talents, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Council is committed to expanding the policy of cultivating and retaining overseas Chinese students. Vice President Lu once again congratulated the winners and welcomed oversea talents to come and study in Taiwan for a prosperous future.