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Shifting to remote learning in response to COVID-19

NTNU Pandemic Safety Measures Announcement(April 7, 2022)

Shifting to remote learning in response to COVID-19

1.Class-related matters:

All courses will move to remote learning from April 8 to April 17. For more information, see the announcement on the Office of Academic Affairs website.

2.The situation is serious. Make sure to protect yourself:

A.Do not go to crowded places unless necessary. Practice personal hygiene and prevention measures through frequent hand washing and sanitation, mask wearing and maintaining social distance.

B.Pay attention to your own health. If you experience respiratory symptoms, fever (ear temp.≧38˚C/forehead temp.≧37.5˚C), fatigue, muscle aches, headache, diarrhea, abnormal smell/taste, shortness of breath or other physical discomfort, avoid coming to school, rest at home or seek medical attention as soon as possible. Report your condition on the school's Self-reporting System for Fever or Other Symptoms. If you are notified by health authorities, also report your situation on the Reporting System for Following Up on Persons at Risk of Infection.